Rejuvinate your old water tank, and make it like new again

Tank Liners, Re-Roofing, Repairs and Cleaning

Specialty onsite renovations, repairs and restorations to tanks of all sizes and brands to extend your tanks longevity.

Water Tank Liners

A tank liner can be a cost-effective solution to repairing a leaking tank and a great way to protect your existing tank from contamination and corrosion. Our team will supply and install our advanced tank liners to keep your water fresher, cleaner and healthier longer.

  • High Waterproof

  • High Abrasion Resistance

  • High Tear and Tensile Strength

  • Low Stretch

  • Good heat resistance

  • Sealed Seams

  • Low Wicking

  • High Resistance to termite and tree roots

Water Tank Roofing

If your water tanks roof is old and tired or has been damaged beyond repair, we can replace it with one of our quality tank roof solutions. Our products are designed with superior strength and longevity in mind so your new roof will outlast the elements.

  • Concrete Tanks

  • Beehive Wells

  • Underground Tanks

  • Timber Tanks

  • Fire Tanks

  • High Rise Header Tanks

  • Industrial Tanks

  • Storage Tanks

Water Tank Repairs

Experts in all aspects of water storage, we are a reliable solution to permanently repairing existing tanks that have been damaged or currently leaking. Our team will rigorously inspect your water tanks and aim to fix any current and future problems.

  • Pioneer Steel Water Tank supply and Installc

  • Fire Tank Solutions

  • Bushmans Poly Water Tank supply and Install

  • Old tank removal & disposal

  • Agriculture Water Tanks

  • Horticulture Water Tanks

Water Tank Cleaning

Our highly trained team will provide you with a professional, thorough tank cleaning service to keep your tank and water quality clean. We recommend our customer to regularly maintain their tanks every 2-3 years.

  • Clean debris from roof & around hatch

  • Pressure wash internal walls

  • Assess liner wall for any wear marks tears

  • Remove debris from tank floor

  • Wash and scrub tank floor

  • Vacuum out silt and grim

  • Assess tank interior condition, any upcoming issues, damage or failures

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